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Lincoln Road Mall to Connect with Miami Beach BayWalk

June 22, 2012

Lincoln Road Mall
The Lincoln Road Mall connection is arguably the most important part of the BayWalk project, at least on the western side of Miami Beach. Pedestrian traffic rules on Lincoln Road thanks to its many restaurants and stores, and allowing that foot-traffic to flow onto the BayWalk would greatly enhance the experience for anyone making the trek.

But, after successfully completing the BayWalk through the Waverly and Flamingo properties, the Lincoln Road Mall connection presents several unique problems for designers.

For example...

The Lincoln Bay Towers condo at 1450 Lincoln Road currently has no area on their property which could accommodate a BayWalk, so the City of Miami Beach will be required to take responsibility for the planning and permitting of a new over-water BayWalk to the west of Lincoln Bay Towers. The City will also be responsible for maintenance of the structure. This will be quite costly for the City, but the tie-in with Lincoln Road Mall will be worth it.


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